Waking Night support worker
To work within a team and one other waking night, in order to provide a safe and secure home for young people aged between 10 and 18. Promoting a caring environment which provides children and young people with a high standard of specialised personal care, meeting individual needs and ensuring everyone is treated with respect and dignity and rights to privacy, independence and choice are met.
Registered Manager & Deputy Manager
40 hours per week average.


22:00-08:00 (Waking Night)

on a shift pattern- both full time (4 shifts per week) and part time (2-3 shifts).

28 days per year

£11.00 – £12.00 per hour

Cameron & Cooper Limited is an innovative provider of specialist care, support and education to some of the most vulnerable young people in the UK, working closely with local authority partners to enable our young people to thrive, achieve independence and live more fulfilling lives.


Our services include The Beech House, The Beech House School and Willow Lodge with plans to open further homes across Surrey and Hampshire.


Our 6 values which we deem imperative for working at Cameron & Cooper:

1)      Secure base

2)      Integrity

3)      Resilience

4)      Dynamic

5)      Nurturing

6)      Passionate




·       Culture and change – leading and supporting organisational and cultural change to ensure the future sustainability of our business model, support the creation of an empowered culture which  is an inclusive and great place to work for everyone.

·       Systems and processes – ensuring our people processes and systems are efficient and effective and we have the tools to do the job.

·       Developing skills and people – providing career and personal development opportunities and developing the capability of our current and future workforce to meet organisational needs.

·       A trusted colleague whose, insight and experience is valued and respected

·       Closely connected and aligned to Cameron and Cooper Limited’s objectives and needs.

·       Compassionate and empathetic

·       Evidence based and outcome focused

·       Inclusive and transparent

·       Collaborative and flexible in your approach

·       Open to new ideas and prioritise continuously refreshing your knowledge, skills and thinking

·       Ensuring a firm, caring, consistent, well ordered environment is maintained at all times.

·       To actively promote and participate in care planning, developing risk assessments, behaviour

·       management and to attend regular team meetings.

·       Promoting the social and emotional well-being & development of children and young people and

·       to consistently strive to further develop these skills.

·       Liaising with other staff, professionals, parents and carers as necessary and maintaining high levels

·       of professionalism at all times.

·       Undertaking any administrative tasks linked to the care of children and young people e.g. keeping

·       appropriate records, making reports as required by the Home and any regulatory bodies.

·       To maintain a log of all accidents, incidents or physical intervention and to challenge suspected

·       inappropriate practice according to policies and procedures- using clear care computer system

·       Keeping up to date with the home’s policies and to follow them at all times.

·       To assist in developing strategies in behaviour management and to take a role in managing the

·       young person’s challenging behaviour, implementing the strategies agreed.

·       Promoting and safeguarding the welfare of children and young persons that the jobholder is

·       responsible for, or comes into contact with and to regularly stay updated in relation to any changes

·       within safeguarding legislation and policy.

·       To report immediately to management any noticeable changes in health, behaviour or

·       circumstances of our children and young people – maintaining their right to privacy and

·       confidentiality.

·       To be a key member of the care team and has the ability to work within a team.

·       To be innovative, creative and flexible, and has an open mind and a willingness to learn.

·       Able to demonstrate empathy, sensitivity, self-awareness and acceptance of others.

·       To participate in annual performance appraisals and undertake relevant staff development.

·       To be responsible for the health and safety of self and others (in accordance with the Home’s Health & Safety Policy).

·       To carry out any other appropriate duties requested by the Registered Manager.

·       Update daily logs and all recording of incidents, interactions and issues using Clearcare system.

·       To follow the Health and Safety Policy for the unit, and to undertake risk assessments at regular intervals for their key service user.

·       To understand the staff handbook, statement of purpose and safeguarding policy; and keep these in mind with every action taken and whilst on every shift.

·       Attend regular supervision with your line manager and be an active participant in staff meetings

·       All staff, regardless of role or position have a responsibility to ensure everyone is adequately safeguarded.

·       Safeguarding is protecting people’s health, wellbeing, and human rights, and enabling them to live free from harm, abuse, and neglect. It’s fundamental to high-quality health and social care. Safeguarding is a top priority of Cameron & Cooper and is paramount to ensuring the wellbeing of our young people and staff.

·       All staff of Cameron & Cooper are expected to report any potential safeguarding concerns to their line manager (regardless of how big or small).  We adopt the thought process of ‘what if I’m right’ as opposed to ‘what if I’m wrong’.

·       Staff who report safeguarding concerns to management and do not feel this is being managed effectively, have protection under whistleblowing to progress this further. In all instances staff must report initial concerns to managers before reporting elsewhere.

·       Safeguarding training and refreshers are provided as a part of your initial training and CPD.


Personal Qualities, Skills & Characteristics

  • Empathy to understand staff concerns
  • Initiative in highlighting areas which are in need of improvement and creating your own solutions
  • Strong organisational, administrative and interpersonal skills
  • Confidence to research areas for compliance, both legal and regulatory
  • Strong ICT skills – Computer skills to create your own forms and updating spreadsheets etc
  • Extremely organised and structured in their work practice
  • Strong communication skills
  • Teamwork

·       Drive and enthusiasm

·       Commitment to high educational, professional and personal standards

·       To have a strong awareness of professionalism and respect for confidentiality

·       A relentless drive for excellence and innovation

·       Ability to keep calm under pressure

·       Flexible and adaptable approach to work

·       Reflective, emotionally resilient, cheerful and positive attitude

·       Committed, loyal, generous and hardworking

·       Willingness to occasionally work outside of normal hours

·       A high level of commitment to safeguarding, inclusion and equality.

·       Understand and respect social, cultural, linguistic, religious and ethnic backgrounds.






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