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Cameron & Co

was born from a desire to provide the best possible care and support to vulnerable young people. Founded in 2017 by our Director, Camilla McInnes, who was working with looked after children as a therapist and was passionate about helping young people faced with adversity


Camilla wanted to build something and do more for these young people, creating a unique place where young people could be helped to process difficult and painful emotions, build resilience, self-confidence and achieve the best possible outcomes.

This would all be possible by establishing a secure base and working with attachment theory. As a therapist Camilla loved the work of Dan Hughes and creating PACE in the therapy room; setting up a residential home allowed for this to happen across all elements of the children’s life who came into her care and help to establish secure attachment with the care staff, which would then allow them to go through life replicating these healthy relationship.

Our journey started with the opening of The Beech House, a residential children’s home providing therapeutic care for up to 6 young people. The journey was not an easy one, but we are proud to have helped so many wonderful young people.

Our desire to continually improve the lives of our young people grew further as The Beech House School opened in 2018, providing bespoke education to help our young people reach their own tailored successes.

In 2020, we welcome the opening of our semi-independent home, Willow Lodge, which will support more young people and care leavers, in becoming strong independent adults.

Our Homes and School emerged from a firm belief, that therapy and therapeutic interventions was the key to helping young people to grow and succeed. This still underpins our practise and we are now in the process of becoming a therapeutic community to deepen this work.

The Beech House

The Beech House provides a safe and stable home for up to 6 young people aged 10-18 in Surrey.

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The Beech House School

The Beech House School is a small independent school annexed to The Beech House children’s home.

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Willow Lodge

Willow Lodge is a semi-independence home, dedicated to helping care leavers aged 18-25, in their journey to adulthood.

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Cherry Blossom

Cherry Blossom is a small two bedroom home for young people with emotional and behavioural difficulties.

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