You will act as the Manager and deliver services which are fully compliant with legislative and regulatory requirements, particularly The Children’s Homes Regulations.

You will ensure that all services are planned and delivered in a way that maximizes participation and reflects children’s rights in relation to services being provided. Within the overall context of:

•            The Children’s Homes Regulations and Quality Standards 2015

•            Children Act 2004, Care Act 2014 and other relevant legislation.

•            Working Together to Safeguard Children

•            The Home’s Statement of Purpose

•            The Code of Conduct and Behavior and other relevant policies.

You will be responsible for ensuring that all child protection policies are adhered to and concerns are raised in accordance with these policies.

You will be responsible for the effective development and delivery of high-quality residential services to young people and their families, which improve outcomes.

You will oversee the leadership and management of the team, ensuring that team members work effectively with our young people, families, and all internal and partner agency staff.

Responsible Individual/ Director, Service & Operations Manager


40 hours per week, Monday to Friday on a flexible schedule starting between 08:00 and 10:00 and finishing between 16:00 and 18:00. At times other hours may be required/ necessary to fulfil your duties. On call duties will be required on weekends. This is rotated between all managers.

At times, shift work may be required. Our usual shift patterns are:

(a)            07:30-15:00 (Early);
(b)            14:00-23:00 (Late);
(c)             07:30-23:00 (Long Day);
(d)            23:00-07:30 (Sleep In); and
(e)            22:00-08:00 (Waking Night).


28 days per year including bank holidays

£40k – £45k plus bonuses and on-call

Cameron & Cooper Limited is an innovative provider of specialist care, support and education to some of the most vulnerable young people in the UK, working closely with local authority partners to enable our young people to thrive, achieve independence and live more fulfilling lives.

Our services include The Beech House, The Beech House School, Cherry Blossom and Willow Lodge with plans to open further homes across Surrey and Hampshire.

Our 6 values which we deem imperative for working at Cameron & Cooper:

1)      Secure environments

2)      Integrity

3)      Resilience

4)      Dynamic

5)      Nurturing

6)      Passionate

·       Culture and change – leading and supporting organisational and cultural change to ensure the future sustainability of our business model, support the creation of an empowered culture which  is an inclusive and great place to work for everyone.

·       Systems and processes – ensuring our people processes and systems are efficient and effective and we have the tools to do the job.

·       Developing skills and people – providing career and personal development opportunities and developing the capability of our current and future workforce to meet organisational needs.

·       A trusted colleague whose, insight and experience is valued and respected

·       Closely connected and aligned to Cameron and Cooper Limited’s objectives and needs.

·       Compassionate and empathetic

·       Evidence based and outcome focused

·       Inclusive and transparent

·       Collaborative and flexible in your approach

·       Open to new ideas and prioritise continuously refreshing your knowledge, skills and thinking

Under the direction of the Responsible Individual and Service & Operations Manager, the main duties are:

·   To be responsible for the day-to-day operation/management of an Ofsted regulated residential provision.

·   To ensure the highest standards of emotional, social and physical care, promoting best outcomes for young people through research, development and partnership.

·   To ensure strategic overview and vision of the organization are embedded in the policies, procedures and management strategies in collaboration with the team.

·   To deliver highly motivated leadership and development to the team.

·   Ensure that training is relevant, robust and effective and that the training program is dynamic, adaptive to the needs of current residents.

·   To ensure that the staff team adhere to training requirements and timescales

·   To develop high standards of communication with social work teams, the onsite School, clinicians and other key partners.

·   To ensure the provision maximizes resources within a planned timescale and ensure all services are delivered in a way in which maximizes the participation of young people, respects their rights and is responsive to their wishes and views.

·   To take overall responsibility for all regulatory requirements associated with Ofsted registration and the home’s Statement of Purpose.

·   To ensure all safeguarding risks are acted upon in immediately and the relevant action taken to mitigate the risk.

·   Communicate effectively, in a timely way with all agencies and internal reports

·   Work as part of a multi-disciplinary team and at all times promote and ensure equality in practice.

·   Undertake and participate in any required training programs and keep up to date with your CPD.

·   Develop and maintain effective working partnerships with external providers as an integral part of the care pathway for children.

·   To be able to challenge, in a sensitive way, engender collaboration for educational achievement and attainment, and foster a mutual responsibility for outcomes for all young people.

·   Ensuring that the Educational needs of children in residence are assessed and provided for, liaising with educational professionals producing Personal Education Plans.

·   Ensuring that the emotional, behavioral and health needs are assessed and provided for, liaising with health and clinical professionals to produce individually agreed Health Action Plans.

·   To ensure the Quality Standards are embedded in the home.


·       Take overall responsibility for all staff, delegating effectively and appropriately. Work with HR to consider and manage labour costs, staffing structures and rotas, ensuring they meet requirements of the children’s needs.

·       Ensure the home is adequately and legally covered by staffing ratios at all times.

·       To develop and maintain collaborative working relationships with partner agencies and clinical teams to ensure individual assessment plans and support packages are achievable and adhered to.

·       To ensure leadership and management of staff including annual appraisal, regular individual supervision and induction and development is available to all staff working in these provisions

·       To retain up to date information relating to any legislative changes and disseminate this information throughout the service as required, including policy revision.

·       To develop and ensure maintenance of monitoring systems in accordance with Health and Safety requirements, ensuring that the necessary staff training is undertaken and recorded.

·       Establish and ensure maintenance of administrative systems for children’s s casework records, referrals and assessments, including risk assessments, to ensure that staff apply them and that confidentiality, standards and boundaries are adhered to.

·       Ensuring that the physical buildings, fixtures and fittings are maintained to a high standard and in good decorative order and is secure. That the home is inventoried, liaising with maintenance and Head of Development as appropriate.

·       To participate in operational service development along with the Senior Management Team.

·       Ensure there are effective formal and informal communication channels within the pathway, that policy and procedural information is adhered to, so staff can operate knowledgeably and safely at all times.

·       To ensure a robust and dynamic induction procedure is adhered to

·       To adhere to policy and procedure on safer recruitment and the management of HR issues effectively.

·       Work in partnership with other professionals and agencies, and develop and maintain a positive public relations image for the whole company.

·       Build good work relationships with the local community, including neighbors, religious groups, councilors and local police.

·       Ensure the home is Ofsted ready at all times, and prepare to respond to all requirements.

·       Achieve and maintain an Ofsted rating of at least Good, with Outstanding being the goal within 3 years.

·       To organize and chair weekly and monthly team meetings. Being an active participant in the senior meetings.

·       Ensure clear, consistent and professional record keeping, including audit and supervision.

·       Ensure that complaints are handled quickly, effectively and sensitively.

·       Ensure that all safeguarding legislation, policies and procedures are adhered to

·       Ensure that the provisions function in such a manner that staff and children understand, recognize and celebrate the diversity of cultures and beliefs within the local and wider community.

·       Ensure that records in the provisions are stored and held in a manner in which is compliant with regulation and policy, including GDPR.

·       To be responsible for establishing and monitoring quality assurance compliance with Ofsted requirements and internal and external monitoring arrangements.

·       To oversee the management of all the children’s individual support packages to ensure that they continue to be relevant and responsive to the individuals’ needs and wishes.

·       To develop a shared planning approach in partnership with children, their relatives and other professionals involved in their care.

·       Take the lead in ensuring an open culture, one in which young people and families feel that they can make representation and that they are listened to.

·       To ensure that the Health needs of young people are assessed and provided for, developing and maintaining effective working partnerships with health professionals.

·       Ensure that participation in a range of therapeutic, social and recreational activities/opportunities for individual or groups of young people is encouraged.

·       To ensure that all children have a full and appropriate education timetable. To be able to form positive relationships within education institutions; leading promoting and advocating for the educational needs and rights of the child.

·       To ensure the home maintains a therapeutic ethos and works within the therapeutic community values in place.

·       To ensure the Mental Health Needs of our children and staff are responded to ethically.


·       Ensure the highest standards of record keeping including electronic data entry and recording, report writing and responsible exercise of professional self-governance in accordance with professional codes of practice

·       To maintain up to date knowledge of legislation, national and local policies and practices in relation to working with looked after children and supported housing provisions

·       To encourage, report and act on all whistle blowing

·       To promote people’s equality, diversity, rights and responsibilities

·       To promote anti-oppressive and anti-discriminatory practice

·       To undertake any other duties appropriate to this post

·       The post holder is expected to comply with all relevant policies, procedures and guidelines, including those relating to Equal Opportunities, Health and Safety and Confidentiality of Information.

·       The ability to travel independently to a variety of premises, sometimes at short notice, and must have full clean driving license.


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